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Removable 2-Position Cradle

The removable cradle is used to secure modules in the FPU-8-4 and rear 8-ft section of the FPU-20-3 and consists of eight ... Read More

Floor Adapter Plate

BOH’s Floor Adapter Plates (single, double) are designed to be interchangeable; therefore, may be inserted into the FPU-8-2, FPU-20-1 or FPU-20-2 container ... Read More

Tie-Down Rings

Tie-Down Rings, with ratchet straps, are used to secure major bulk commodities to the floor of the BOH-Cargo-12, FPU-8-4, and FPU-20-3 container systems. ... Read More

ISO Locks

ISO Locks allow the BOH Cargo-12 and the FPU-8 series container systems to joined together to form a 20-foot, ISO certified configuration. ... Read More

Bridge Connector Lock

Bridge Locks allow a BOH Cargo-6 and two FPU-8 series container systems to be joined together for ground transportation.  Bridge locks are ... Read More

Drawer Dividers (Standard Modules)

Standard Module Drawer Dividers are configured within each of the BOH Module’s drawers. Extra can be ordered to increase the number of ... Read More

Module Slip Cover

The all-weather, mildew- and flame-resistant (MIL-PRF-20696 Type 2, Class 2) Module Slip Cover is designed to provide protection from debris intrusion and ... Read More

2-Position Module Transfer Plate (MTP)

The 2-position Module Transfer Plate (MTP) enables any FPU Module to be chain-secured and transported on a flatbed vehicle (MTV, MTVR, LMTV, 876 ... Read More