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Standard Storage Modules

BOH offers 19 different configurations of standard storage modules, with adjustable drawer slides and dividers, for durable storage and rapid mobilization of ... Read More

Portable Drawer Modules

System Features No MHE required – 2 or 4 Man-Portable loaded Rugged steel construction Fully extending / partitioned 42” drawers Independent Security via pad Locks Interoperable with ... Read More

Bulk Storage Module / Shipping System

Our Bulk Module system is designed to store and ship bulk materials.  Shelves come in 75% extension and can be ordered with ... Read More

Weapons Storage Module

Accommodates 5 weapons (either M16A2 Rifle or 9mm Pistol) or weapons accessories/security drawers. M16A2 Drawer stores 8 weapons each. 9mm Drawer stores ... Read More

Flammable/Corrosive Material Storage Module

Constructed to meet NFPA 30 and  29CFR requirements for flammable / corrosive material storage.  Dual wall construction with all steel exterior and ... Read More

Short/Helo Module

Features a 5-drawer bottom half (1-4”, 3-6”, 1-8” drawers interchangeable with other FPU Modules) with a removable stand-alone cage on top half ... Read More

Office Module

2-person work station that fits inside FPU-8 or FPU-20 series container. Measures 69” W x 74” H x 88” L (unextended position) ... Read More