QUADCON Products

FPU® Modularity for Government-Owened QUADCON Containers
  • 5 QUADCON Module configurations, 4 Adapter Systems, and 5 Combination Module/Adapter Kits are available.
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and M&TOE.
  • BOH’s patented twist-locking system allows Modules to be moved from the warehouse and secured in the container in minutes.
  • Always uploaded and ready to move while providing 100% material access.
  • Adapter Installation is an easy 2-person task for QUADCONs with tie-down provisions.
  • Module Adapters are also compatible with Portable Drawer Modules (PDM) and Short Helo Modules.
FPU® adapters & Kits for QUADCONs
FPU® adapters for Government-owned QUADCON Containers
FPU® adapters for QUADCON Containers

BoH FPU® Quadcon Modules
BoH FPU® Quadcon Modules

BoH FPU® Quadcon Module Kits
BoH FPU® Quadcon Module Kits