The FPU® Bulk Module #2 is all steel expeditionary storage pallet system that is multi-class capable and always uploaded and ready to move. The Bulk Module provides organized storage for containerized bulk material and is designed to be interchangeable with compatible BOH containers.
  • Double position FPU® Module compatible with the FPU-8, FPU-20-2, FPU-20-3 with Removable Cradle and BOH Adapter for TRICON I/II containers
  • 2 extendable shelves equipped with cargo nets
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE
  • Integrated with BOH's patented quick connect / discount twist-locking system
NSN & Part Number
Paint Color NSN Part Number
Desert Sand 8145-01-588-3690 15410202-002
Forest Green 8145-01-588-3690 15410201-002
purchase options
BOH FPU® Systems Direct Purchase
BOH FPU® Systems GSA Contract
BOH FPU® Systems DLA Contract
Product Includes Module Frame with Trays Steel
2 Bulk Cargo Nets Polypropylene
Dimensions Height 74″
Length 43″
Width 72″
Weight Tare 886 lbs.
Maximum Gross 2,886 lbs.
Net 2,000 lbs.
Patents For use in US Patent 6,299,008; For use in EP Patent 1,224,127