The Bulk Storage Aid is an all-steel rugged palletized rack system that enhances expeditionary operations by providing immediate access to containerized material while on the move. The Bulk Storage Aid is designed to be permanently bolted into compatible BOH containers to provide storage for bulk material.
  • Compatible with the FPU-20-3 Container (fills half of the 12’ section of the container)
  • Compatible with the BOH Cargo-12 Container (fills half of the container)
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE.
  • 3 each 48” wide pallets and 1 each 30” wide pallet. Each pallet is outfitted with 14 each D-rings, 4 each 2”ratchet straps and a neoprene mat.
  • 1 each 48” wide HAZMAT pellet and 1 each 30” wide HAZMAT pallet. Each HAZMAT pallet is TOFF-coated and outfitted with a cargo net.
  • 3 each floor position cargo nets
  • Fully adjustable vertical rack stanchions
NSN & Part Number
Paint Color NSN Part Number
Desert Sand 8145-01-524-0244 15310022-002
Forest Green 8145-01-524-0244 15310022-001
purchase options
BOH FPU® Systems Direct Purchase
BOH FPU® Systems GSA Contract
BOH FPU® Systems DLA Contract
Product Includes Vertical Rack Stanchions and Mounting Hardware Steel
3 each 48” Pallets Steel
1 each 30” Pallet Steel
1 each 48” HAZMAT Pallet Steel
1 each 30″ HAZMAT Pallet Steel
16 each Ratchet Straps Nylon
5 each Cargo Nets Polypropylene
Dimensions Height 94″
Length 43″
Width 144″
Weight Tare 1,227 lbs.
Maximum Gross 7,227 lbs.
Net 6,000 lbs.