The FPU-20-3 Expeditionary Container, ASL (ECASL) Configuration #1 is a fully configured FPU® System that operates as an expeditionary warehouse in any environment. The ECASL system is proven to reduce ISO Container footprint by an average of 57% which in turn saves cost. The ECASL Configuration #1 consists of the FPU-20-3 Container, 1 each Bulk Storage Aids, 8 each Tie-Down Rings, 2 each Removable Cradles and 2 each Bulk Module #3s. This system’s targeted application is to store palletized bulk, floor-loaded bulk and battery/POL bulk material.
  • Fully configured FPU-20-3 System that can be purchased by a single NSN or Part Number (System components listed above)
  • Provides storage for Class I, II, III(P), IV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE
  • Fully compatible with the HEMTT-LHS, PLS (with or without ECHU attachment) & M-1076 PLS Trailer (PLST)
  • Provides 15-20% additional storage capacity for future mission changes
NSN & Part Number
Paint Color NSN Part Number
Desert Sand 8145-01-654-0930 75000001-002
Forest Green 8145-01-654-0925 75000001-001
purchase options
BOH FPU® Systems Direct Purchase
BOH FPU® Systems GSA Contract
BOH FPU® Systems DLA Contract
Product Includes FPU-20-3 Container Complete Details
Bulk Storage Aid Complete Details
8 each Tie-Down Rings Complete Details
2 each Bulk Module #3 Complete Details
2 each Removable Cradle Complete Details
Dimensions Height 96″
Length 240″
Width 96″
Weight Tare 12,750 lbs.
Maximum Gross 37,000 lbs.
Net 24,250 lbs.
Patents U.S. Patent 6,299,008; EP Patent 1,224,127