The Standard FPU® Module #23 is an all-steel expeditionary storage cabinet that is mission scalable, multi-class capable and always uploaded and ready to move. The Module #23 is designed to be interchangeable with compatible BOH containers and is approved for air transport aboard USAF C-130, C-5 and C-17 aircraft.
  • Single position FPU® Module compatible with the FPU-8, FPU-20-2, FPU-20-3 with Removable Cradle and BOH Adapter for TRICON I/II.
  • 5 Drawers (12", 10", 10", 6", 16") with standard divider setsIV, VII, VIII, IX and MTOE.
  • 48 standard storage compartments
  • Expandable to 262 compartments with additional divider sets
  • Top mounted net for additional storage
  • High security 3-G locking bar that accommodates 5200 and 5300 series locks
  • Integrated with BOH's patented quick connect / discount twist-locking system
NSN & Part Number
Paint Color NSN Part Number
Desert Sand 8145-01-523-4011 15700023-002
Forest Green 8145-01-523-4011 15700023-001
purchase options
BOH FPU® Systems Direct Purchase
BOH FPU® Systems GSA Contract
BOH FPU® Systems DLA Contract
Product Includes Module Cabinet with Drawers Steel
Standard Divider Sets Steel
High Security 3-G Locking Bar Steel
Bulk Cargo Net Polypropylene
Dust Cover Vinyl
Dimensions Height 74″
Length 43″
Width 35″
Weight Tare 1,154 lbs.
Maximum Gross 2,554  lbs.
Net 1,400 lbs.
Drawers 12″ Drawer 6 Standard Compartment
10″ Drawer 12 Standard Compartments
10″ Drawer 12 Standard Compartments
6″ Drawer 28 Standard Compartments
16″ Drawer 6 Standard Compartments
Patents For use in US Patent 6,299,008; For use in EP Patent 1,224,127