BOH’s Tie-Down Rings (sold as each) are all-steel and designed to be permanently bolted into compatible BOH containers. Tie-Down Rings provide a storage solution for bulk floor-load material.
  • Compatible with the FPU-20-3 Container (8 each Tie-Down Rings are required to fill half of the 12’ section of the container)
  • Compatible with the BOH Cargo-12 Container (8 each Tie-Down Rings are required fills half of the container)
  • Each Tie-Down Ring is rated at 5,000 lbs.
NSN & Part Number
Paint Color NSN Part Number
Desert Sand 8145-01-513-6262 16509501-002
Forest Green 8145-01-513-6262 16509501-001
purchase options
BOH FPU® Systems Direct Purchase
BOH FPU® Systems GSA Contract
BOH FPU® Systems DLA Contract
Product Includes 1 each Tie-Down Ring with Mounting Hardware Steel
Dimensions Height 8″
Length 10″
Width 10″
Weight Tare 32 lbs.